TELESIS CONSULTANCY SERVICES was formed with the prime objectives of (i) To provide job oriented technical training specially in the IT sector, (ii) Provide HR consultancy to educated unemployed youth and assist clients from varying industries to recruit talent as per their specific need and desire. (iii) Support the national digitization ambition by providing the necessary knowledge and technical backup to medium, small and micro business organizations, service providers and professionals to digitize their business style by use of the internet and shun off the age old traditional pattern of business.


We imagine a 21st century company designed to capitalize on connected system, data and employees who take a more expansive view of work.

Today’s companies aren’t like yesterdays. They can’t be ....... not in a world where everything and everyone is connected at little extra cost. The 21st century company will be bigger than ever, faster than ever, nimbler than its predecessors and enabled by a new industrial revolution. What does one look like on the inside? We imagined the perfect future company ...... and then cracked it open to show how differently it operates. We welcome all, come, see, feel and experience the difference.


TELESIS CONSULTANCY SERVICES aims to be different from the rest, by sheer honesty, simplicity, and dedication towards our client’s success. Creating an enthusiastic, energetic, and joyful ambiance amongst TELESIS TEAM members through all levels and take our company to such levels where we should be the automatic, trustworthy choice of clients, customers and a pleasant place of work for our work force.


There is hardly any individual or company/ Organization without a problem.  We keep ourselves surrounded by people who are excited to hop from one problem to another solving them one after another thus achieving great things. After all CONSULTANCY is nothing but solving other’s problems.


Ambition is a very powerful value if it leads to people being the change they want to see all around us, and this ambition leads us to be the people who make things happen, rather than those who want things to happen or those who watch things happen.


Maintaining transparency by means of honesty, openness, and direct conversation with clients and internal team mates bring about great results and also saving great deal of precious time.


Consultancy is all about dealing with other’s (people, company, organization etc.) problems. Thus so long we do not feel the other person’s problem from the core of our own heart, we shan’t be able to solve other’s problems and thus the word consultancy would mean nothing to us. After all empathy is not possessed by everyone, only a few are gifted with this special characteristic. Hence we try to train our people to be as much empathetic as possible.


PERFECTION is a word which we think none has ever achieved till date. To reach as near as possible to perfection we feel the need to change, not once or twice but as many times as needed. This can only be done if we are ADAPTABLE to changes for the betterment.


Often it is seen people come forward to claim their prizes and praises for the success they have achieved, but shy away whenever there is a mistake and not only disown it but begin to point fingers and pass the blame. At TELESIS CONSULTANCY SERVICES we are bold enough to take responsibility of our activities and learn/ improve from mistakes by having dialogues and conversations around. This way we are ACCOUNTABLE.


Rather than being focused on too many things, we try to keep ourselves focused on the subject we deal, one at a time which brings about success in productivity.


TELESIS CONSULTANCY SERVICES was formed by founder Members Mr. Tapash Roy, having 40+ years of experience in small business in different trades and Mr. Tarun Roy a dedicated and experienced groomer of students for many years with a vision and mission to help young talents by preparing them to face and crack interviews thereby helping them to kick off their career.

Tapash Roy

Founder Member

Tarun Roy

Founder Member

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