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When you are in the bpo industry, a phone call is not just another phone call! You as an attendant of the call, might ruin the reputation of your company, if you do not attend the call properly, on the other hand your company may have benefited by winning a customer or client for life because of the way you handled a potential client, which in turn will put yourself at higher positions and earn you better packages.

So we here at TELESIS, to maintain our reputation with our clients, take special care in training young call center agents/ executives with proper telephone etiquettes, computer basics such as Word, Excel, Power Point etc. and make them industry ready.

We also impart a bit of advanced training depending on the trade, such as Hotels & Restaurants, On line sales, After sales Service, Annual Maintenance and services, and Complaints and Grievances.

While imparting training in Telephone Etiquettes, special care is taken to cover the following points:-

  • FIRST IMPRESSION: Creating the first impression is very important because this will make the difference how the rest of the communication is going to go through.

  • TRANSFORMING CALLER'S EXPERIENCE: Callers sometimes have an idea that call center agents are not well behaved or are robotic. Here’s your chance to transform his/her idea about call center agents/executives.

  • LEARNING TO LISTEN: To satisfy your client you must first listen to him/ her, so you must learn to listen too

  • PLACING CALLERS ON HOLD: Sometimes putting callers on hold makes them frustrated, but you have no option. This is where you got to know how to put the caller on hold without annoying the caller.

  • TRANSFERRING CALLERS: Techniques of transferring calls should be mastered well so that the caller does not feel neglected or anything else of that kind. 

  • MANAGING MULTIPLE LINES: One should know the trick to satisfy all the callers who are on the line simultaneously

  • HANDLING DIFFICULT CALLERS: This is a difficult proposition, quite often there are callers who are a bit difficult to handle because they may be either angry of upset or anything, but the attendant must be well trained to handle such customers, keeping his cool and calm.

Digital Marketing
KPO Training
 What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach and convert leads into customers and retain them. The key objective is to promote brands, build preference and increase sales through various digital marketing techniques. It is embodied by an extensive selection of service, product and brand marketing tactics, which mainly use the Internet as a core promotional medium, in addition to mobile and traditional TV and radio.

We here at TELESIS provide quality training on DIGITAL MARKETING. It is a classroom program designed for professionals, marketing enthusiasts, and beginners who want to grasp the concept of digital marketing.

The program will introduce participants to the basics of digital marketing and provide them with the knowledge and tools which will help them to use digital marketing to reach out and engage people over the internet. This program will also help participants in mastering the art of online brand building and sales generation.

The program will help the participants to understand the concepts of:


     a) Introduction to online search.

     b) Understanding the working of search engines.

     c) Introduction to SEO

     d) How to build an accessible site.

     e) Kea word research and optimisation

     f) Link building stratagies.

     g) Useful tools for SEO.

     h) Past, present and future of SEO 


     a) Introduction to internet and SEM

     b) Getting started with Google AdWords

     c) AdWords account structure.

     d) Navigating in Google AdWords. 

     e) Working with keawords.

     f) Creating ads in Google AdWords.

     g) Creating and managing your first Ad Campaign.

     h) AdWords reporting & Accounts Performance Reports.


     a) Beginners Guide to the World of SMM

     b) Why Social Media?

     c) Getting Started with Social Media 

     d) Building Relationships via Facebook

     e) Building Relationships via Twitter

     f) Building Relationships via LinkedIN

    g) Marketing through YouTube

     h)Handling Positive and Negative Comments

     i) Social Media Content Base Creation.

     j) Who is Doing it Right?


     a) What is ORM?

     b) Need and Benefits of ORM

     c) Case Studies

     d) Getting Started with ORM

     e) Building it right and tools required

And ONLINE ANALYTICS by the use of popular Web Analytical tools

  • CONCLUSION: Conclude the call such that the caller feels that he / she was not too long on the phone, and would not hesitate to call the next time.

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