Modern day business whether B 2 B or B 2 C, often have the need to maintain and handle a good deal of data that are mainly fed online into the customer relationship Management, system which is done by the use of human data-input devices such as keyword, stylus, mouse, touch screen, or speech reorganisation and if done by employing an employee may always not be cost effective or time and quality effective. On the other hand if such jobs are outsourced, it is always cost, time and quality effective because when outsourced the jobs are carried out by a team of expert people, who has the luxury of discussing among themselves in case of any complicacies.

At TELESIS Consultancy Services we render these services for a wide range of industries at very competitive rates and yet maintain the quality of output.


This involves the (i) Financial data entry (ii) Data entry for insurance claims (iii) Data entry involving Data Base compilation. (iv) Data entry for catalogues. (v) Validation and data entry for excel spread sheets and many more.

Our expert team of data entry specialists are capable of handling the above mentioned data entry services in a manner specially designed and tailored according to the requirements of our clients so that they reap more profits at lesser investment which means an improve the ROI of our clients.


We are technically equipped to take up any challenge of converting your hard copy be a printed book, hand written diary, magazines, periodicals or anything hard to the e-book format by use of various available applications done by qualified technocrats.


You’ve got the product and services, but who are you going to sell it to? Allow us to take care of it. We shall do the searching of the web, dig into the yellow pages, and turn around every stone to check if we are not missing out a prospective buyer of your product and services. We shall compile the list of prospective buyers along with their names, addresses, phone and mobile numbers, email IDs, wherever and whichever are available.


If you are looking to outsource your image data entry jobs, you have landed up on the right page.We at TELESIS Consultancy Services carry out image data entry services involving the conversion of scanned images to any particular format of your choice. The services offered by us in this regard is listed below:

  1. Catalogues and documents entry.

  2. Books entry.

  3. Scanned image data entry.

  4. Image entry into data base.

  5. Legal documents data entry.


When a customer visits an outdoor store he can see the products, he can touch it, feel it, weigh it, and compare it before he can make his final decision. But does he have the same opportunity in case of a virtual store or an on-line shopping site? The obvious answer is NO.

It’s here that the need for displaying products data so that the consumer can at least after seeing it on line can feel it, touch it, weigh it in his imagination, for which the product data made available must be of extremely high quality, else for example if a consumer while placing an order for a shirt sees it as a very deep blue in colour, but in reality he receives a shirt which is black. This will send a harmful negative message for the business, because people these days are very active on the social network.

Hence, we at TELESIS Consultancy Services, while processing product data entry job, take utmost care and apply latest available techniques for the production of Product data, so that consumers are not perplexed regarding the characteristics of the product he or she is about to order.

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