Data processing have become an integral part of every organised business house these days whether big or small. Invoicing, accounting, updating CRM system, data cleaning are all daily activities of every business that aim to maintain well organised records for future use. Apparently the task of data cleaning may not seem multifaceted, but in reality there is much more to them. Data cleaning are those activities which involve rectification of partial records, duplicate entries, discrepancies and errors etc.

These tasks are very difficult, tedious and time consuming as they are mostly hidden or camouflaged, they may sometimes be lying our eyes but escape our sight, hence these type of tasks incur substantial cost, but unavoidable.

TELESIS Consultancy Services aims at providing these services with a tumble down in the cost without any compromise in the production quality. The area of our services related to data cleansing comprises of:

  • Removal of inconsequential or in applicable data.

  • Abolition of duplicate data.

  • Alignment of data to present neat and clean, uniform document.

  • Substantialise the authentication of data against stipulated guidelines.


Microsoft’s Office is the most indispensable tool for any modern office, large or small, out of which M S WORD is the most extensively used utility. Frequently used though, if not used in a disciplined manner, the message you wish to convey might reach the receivers’ end carrying certain unintended meaning, which may result in damaging effect to your business reputation. On the other hand if the same idea or thought you wish to convey, if presented in a different manner using various options and styles of M S Word to make a neat & clean, smart and mind pleasing presentation, along with some word juggling and crunching, it will create a positive impression at the first sight as well as the message intended to be conveyed would rightly be reached and understood.

Given the opportunity, we would do all your word juggling, crunching and adjustments to all your word documents be it a product Invoice, insurance document, bank loan application or anything else, taking all the care needed to process your documents and find solutions with regards delivery or distribution, receiving or storage, content analysing of documents in any format either hard paper copy or digital, giving you the opportunity to relax and reap the benefits of digitization at very cheap price, better customer experience, internal efficiency and spend your saved time and brain towards the core activities of your business.


Processing of forms are part and parcel of most businesses be it a small, medium or large company. Forms are processed also in most government offices and institutions.

There are wide ranges of form types all of which may not be used in every organisation, but the types of forms that companies use differ depending on the nature of activity they are involved in . It is therefore utterly important to maintain a disciplined structural form processing service, which should essentially be streamlined for easy retrieval facility.

Companies that handle bulk form processing are from industries such as banks & financial institutions, insurance companies, hospitals and health care facilities, educational institutions and libraries, corporate offices, logistics, legal companies, retail chains etc.

We at TELESIS Consultancy Services, are capable to deliver high quality form processing output which we are sure to meet the requirement of clients. Types of forms we are capable of handling are as listed below.

  • Law suits and Claims.

  • Insurance application/ claim forms.

  • Enrolment and product registration.

  • Orders and requirements.

  • Subscriptions and payments.

  • Polls and results questionnaire.

  • Mortgage and financial information.

  • Rental and lease agreement.

  • Warranty and Medical forms.

  • Invoicing and vouchers.

  • Purchase order forms.

  • Tax and bank statements.

  • Contact form processing.

  • Payroll processing.

  • Survey forms.

  • Credit card application forms.

We can assure you of delivering processed output of international standards, maintaining full proof security and confidentiality, shoulder responsibility right from the download ( from client’s site) going through all necessary steps up to the delivery in appropriate format within the desired timeframe, maintain quality and accuracy in output that will be available 24 x 7 worldwide.


In short we offer you cheap and best outsourcing options.


Another very important component of Microsoft Office is the M S EXCEL, without which business is like a ship without a compass.


It is a very versatile tool when it comes to activities such as inventory and stock maintenance, sales numbers item wise, sales forecasts, payroll processing, research analytics, data management, data processing and more.


It could be possible that each day you dig your head deep into spread sheets ( excel or google ) trying to work out results, forecast sales, set targets, analyse mistakes committed or wrong decisions taken and rectify the same for future. At the end of the day you start thinking, where have your time gone? You gave very little time to the actual activity of your business, yet the time you had spent on spread sheets was indispensable, because without it you can’t arrive at the right decision, better forecasting etc. etc.


So what do you do? Off course you can employ an expert if your business is small or a team of experts depending on the size and volume of your business. But will it eat away a big chunk of your profits? 


Here is what you can do:

Give us a chance and we will provide you with very cheap but professional solutions to each of your problem involving spread sheets.


With a team of highly qualified and talented work force we can provide you with solutions to the following spread sheet activities:-

  • Data entry management.

  • Data analysis and processing.

  • Data management.

  • Data mining and correction.

  • Research and compilation.

  • Sales forecasting and analysis.

  • Automated reports.

  • Advanced formula and macro assistance.

  • Programming using Excel VBA.  

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