DIGITAL MARKETING, which is also known by the terms “Online marketing”, “internet marketing” or “Web Marketing”, though are relatively new terms have their roots back in the mid-1980s, but then it was practiced by limited number of companies to advertise very costly high end products meant mainly for high end richer class of customers, but now things have changed, DIGITAL MARKETING is now all set to replace the in-shop or in-store pattern of marketing. Thanks to the invention and the immense use of desktops, later on developed to laptops, then notebooks and now tablets, Kindles and smart-phones, advertisers and business owners have very efficiently succeeded to put their entire store into our pockets and into the vanity bags of women. That is to say, we now carry in our pockets not only a store or two, but the whole big market where sellers may represent from any corner of the world. To sum up, while in the past, to purchase a packet of salt we had to go out of our home and walk to the store may be a furlong or so, today the seller delivers to our home may be even a car that might have been negotiated and booked from the other side of the globe, without even having to lift ourselves from the comfort of a rocking chair.

As the process of shopping is becoming easier, cosier, and more comfortable for the consumers, the process of selling is becoming more and more competitive and harder because of the effectiveness and the acceptance by consumers of the so called DIGITAL MARKETING process. Exactly here is where we come into the picture. Sellers seek our assistance, or other way round, we offer our assistance to effectively carry on the complex, tricky, and intelligence requiring process of DIGITAL MARKETING enabling our clients to reach and maintain an upper web search position in the tough competition among sellers who among themselves are literally engaged in a rat-race to reach into the consumers’ pocket.

Digital marketing is a combination of a few broader groups of activities known as SEO meaning search engine optimising, SMM meaning Social Media Marketing, SEM meaning the internet and search engine marketing, ORM meaning the online reputation management, and the WEB ANALYTICS. These broad groups of activities can be further classified to smaller groups of activities such as the content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, e-commerce marketing, e-mailing direct marketing, and even marketing through e-books or kindles, games & gadgets etc. etc.

In the days to come, traditional type of business owners will be left with no other option but to convert their business to the digital marketing format, for which they will be required to maintain a team of qualified digital marketers, to carry on with the marketing process efficiently and effectively and to derive positive results rather than negative results which may be the outcome of mishandling and mismanagement of things and nonprofessional approach.

We at TELESIS CONSULTANCY SERVICES offer you our expert assistance in two possible ways: (i) If desired by you, we may setup for you the process of DIGITAL MARKETING employing latest technology and recruiting qualified digital marketers and provide them with advanced training if needed, or (ii) We do the marketing on behalf of you from our sophisticated DIGITAL MARKETING work station. Please contact us or fill the form below and request for detailed presentation of DIGITAL MARKETING.


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